In recent times, education is perceived as an uninteresting domain by the actual beneficiaries. The monotony persists and students today are engrossing more into the process of achieving marks rather than learning something concrete. Though it may seem significant to attain higher scores momentarily, it proves to be purposeless in future. A situation so alarming that one might contemplate – Is there any center out there which can make the learning exercise fascinating?


Gyan Edge offers a broad range of courses for students. Please ease yourself and select according to your requirements.


Gaurav Kumar Gaurav Kumar is Electronics and Communications graduate from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology and have worked as an Automation Engineer with Schneider Electric in the past. During summer 2012, he decided to take a leap in his career by becoming a first generation entrepreneur in pursuit of his passion. He set up this institute as an initiative to meet the educational needs of students from varied backgrounds seeking a different career. He believes in a student centric approach and prepares them from a nascent stage. As the Founder and Director of Gyan Edge, he manages the general operation and functioning of the institute.

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